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  • It’s time to talk Shiraz Festival…

    As many of you know – BAIE Wines only throws open it’s doors twice a year for pop up cellar doors, and this is one of them.  We know how to throw a party and this one makes for a wonderful celebration of all things Shiraz! We will be serving up the best of the regions winter warming food and wine, and music from a knockout line up of local artists. And if that’s not enough… this year we are adding a series of Masterclasses from some of our local favourite producers and makers for your added fun at BAIE – think winter florals, ricotta making, creating the perfect cheese board, and gin experiences. Grab your family and friends and don’t miss out on a weekend at the stunning estate. Cellar door is FREE TO ENTER to come and enjoy the live music and awesome food and wine.


    Renowned local Chefs Simon and Alison Donohue will be cooking up a storm to deliver warm, hearty winter dishes. The menu includes Chargrilled Minute Steaks in Brioche Sliders with Shaved Fennel, Blue Vein Bu tter & Onion Rings, Potato Gnocchi tossed with Seasonal Mushrooms, Winter Savoury & Pecorino and Sticky Date Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce & Cream.  A perfect winter menu to share with friends or as a 3 course menu just for you! No need to book – they will be  serving up their home grown goodness from 11am to 3pm.


    Entertainment doesn’t get much better than handpicked locals playing all your acoustic favourites including Matt Baird (Test Pilot Molly) Saturday 12-4pm and James Kernick Sunday 12 – 4pm – these boys are not to be missed!


    The BAIE offer only comes around once per year… buy 9 bottles… get 3 free (that’s a saving of $90 valid at cellar door July 8th and 9th only).


    To make sure you are having all the fun possible at BAIE Wines Winter Shiraz Weekend – we have invited some of our friends along for your creating, making and tasting pleasures. Masterclasses include a Winter Dinner Party Centrepiece hosted by Little Twig, Creating the Ultimate Cheeseboard with Lauren from Bear and Bean, The Ultimate Winter Gin Experience hosted by Barwon Heads Wine Store and Ricotta Making, Cheese Tastings and Shev and Tiramisu with Drysdale Goats Cheese Corinne Blackett! Masterclasses are capped at 15 people. Book here!
  • We are strapping on the skates…

    It’s crunch time here at BAIE Wines – over the coming weeks comes a lot of excitement, activity and wine….yes wine is on its way!! So while the new vintage wines are developing beautifully, we have been working madly behind the scenes to have our 2017 labels (they are gorgeous), caps, boxes all delivered to the winery so we can get some wine into them…… AND out to you! Bottling time is that final sigh of relief where a year of hard work, patience, skill and a few prayers thrown in for luck finally come to fruition. Bring it on we say!

    In addition we have a ripper of a day planned for the Winter Shiraz festival  – (don’t forget to save the date Saturday 8th July and Sunday 9th July), where we will open our cellar doors for the first time this year!! Think hearty food, warm fires, blissful tunes and a few extra sneaky suprises that will have your heart a flutter with winter wine and food experiences….. more details to come in June. If you are not already following us on Facebook  make sure you do HERE for weekly updates to stay in the loop.



    It is our great pleasure to introduce to Anne, (Simon’s Mum) who has been an integral part of what we do at BAIE Wines since the very beginning!  In the early years she worked alongside Peter in their Melbourne medical practice whilst raising their 3 children. When it came time to relocate to the rural life they both so love, her hard work meant that the true beauty of BAIE Park was born.

    Anne has designed and worked on the stunning grounds at BAIE Park and spends much of her time now hosting brides and grooms to assist them in creating their perfect wedding day.  The success, magic and beauty of what she has created for so many brides and grooms is a testament to the fact that she treats each couple and their families as someone dear to her…. she cares about their day, and she does everything in her power to make sure weddings at BAIE are unique and once in a lifetime for brides, grooms and their guests… and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

    We don’t think we could say it any better than some of the reviews that came through from – like these –

    Oliver B. on 26th April 2017

    “Peter and Anne at Baie were so helpful throughout the whole process which resulted in the most perfect day at the most stunning location. They’d thought of every little detail and helped us set up in the days leading up to the Wedding Day. Thanks!”

    Courtney M. on 11 Mar, 2017

    “Absolutely STUNNING venue, it was everything we had wished for! And Anne and Peter are amazing!”

    Liana B. on 28 May, 2016

    “Anne and Peter from Baie wines were amazing to work with in the lead up to our wedding day, they made us feel so comfortable and relaxed and they were so helpful and friendly at all times!”

    So on that happy, shiny, loved-up note – we look forward to getting news of the Shiraz Festival, New Vintage Wines and some other fun BAIE Experiences we are cooking up for you very soon!

    Cheers Nadine and Simon

  • Have you been missing your Baie?

    Ok so things are getting a wee bit desperate when these things start happening…

    We are standing at our daughters netball game, and one of the gorgeous Mums there tells us a story of how when the found out that BAIE Wines was sold out she hid some bottles of Pinot Gris… and whilst couldn’t resist drinking one a while back, had saved her last one til Easter Sunday.

    Or another divine BAIE Wines devotee emails us to let us know she scored the last known case of BAIE Rose’ in Geelong as she had promised her Sydney girlfriend that they would be drinking BAIE Rose’ on her trip down to the Bellarine

    This is getting real people!! And while those grapes are doing all the right things and under watchful attention being crafted into some damn fine BAIE Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose’ and Shiraz there are some of us who are missing them!!

    So keep an eye on our Facebook Page for a little bit of fun we are having with ‘ Have you been missing your BAIE?’ stories. We will be asking people who are missing their BAIE Wines to take a photo of where they would normally be sipping their BAIE Wines… but aren’t – think empty glass next to a cheese platter… sad face with nothing in the bottle…… or any lucky soul who still has some left …. a pic of them enjoying it (to make the rest of us jealous of course). Winner will be treated to a twin pack of their favourite BAIE Wines – because yes we have about 2 bottles hidden too that we are happy to share for those who are missing… or savouring , the last of their BAIE.


    Simon is a Husband, Dad and Farmer – first and foremost, and what you see is what you get… and that’s what we all love about him. Calm, solid and dependable – he’s the guy that you go to when you need a steady hand and the gods’ honest truth (even if you don’t like it some time!) We are so very glad to have him heading up what we do as he sure does know what he’s doing in all aspects of the vineyard and farm… having studied Agricultural Science at Melbourne University, after which he spent a number of years working in various government and corporate agricultural roles.

    It was his passion for family, farming and vineyards led him back to the Bellarine – where many of his childhood weekends were spent. Simon now farms crops and cattle across the Bellarine, is the vitculturalist at BAIE Park and runs the wine business with Nadine, whilst raising their young family. He is also the president of the Geelong Wine Association and is passionate about promoting Geelong as a premium wine region. Needless to say he’s a happy (but busy) man.


    How long does wine last once opened?

    So you’ve knocked back that oh so necessary glass of vino on a Monday night… but you were planning on an alcohol free week… what to do with the rest of the bottle – (and no, drinking the rest of it on Monday night, is not part of our helpful hints below).  Here’s a few guidelines to follow and how to help your wine last longer

    Sparkling Wine

    1–3 days in the fridge with a sparkling wine stopper. Sparkling wines lose their fizz quickly after opening. A method traditional such as Champagne, will last a little longer than a tank method sparkling wine. The traditional method wines have more bubbles in them when they’re bottled, which is why they tend to last longer.

    Full-Bodied White Wine

    3–5 days in fridge with a cork Full-bodied white wines, like oaked Chardonnay tend to oxidise more quickly because they saw more oxygen during their pre-bottling ageing process.

    Light White, Sweet White and Rosé Wine

    5–7 days in fridge with a cor.k Most light white and rosé wines will be drinkable for up to a week when stored in the fridge. You’ll notice the taste will change subtly after the first day, as the wine oxidizes, so that the wines become less fruity or vibrant.

    Red Wine

    3–5 days in a cool dark place with a cork The more tannin and acidity the red wine has, the longer it tends to last after opening. So, a light red with very little tannin, won’t last open as long as a rich red.  Many red wines will even improve after the first day open.

    How to help them last longer

    Wines can last for a number of days after you have opened them , though you can do a few things to help it last longer. 1) Refrigerate the wine. Wines go “off” once they have been open because they are interacting with oxygen while warm. Cool the wine and you slow down the rate of those reactions. 2) Removing the oxygen from the bottle helps to prevent those reactions from happening. 3 tricks are to: a) Transfer the wine to a smaller bottle.  b) Use a vacuum pump to evacuate the air from your bottle. c)Add an inert gas to your bottle so that it forms a protective blanket over the wine’s surface. These are commonly sold in many wine accessory stores.

    So look after those precious bottles of BAIE Wines if you have a sneaky stash at your place, and we cross our hearts we are working our hardest to get some to you all to have open and on your kitchen bench in no time.


    Nadine and Simon Kuc


  • What’s happening at Baie

    Hope, excitement and anticipation are all quietly bubbling under the surface at BAIE Wines at the moment. For a couple of reasons –

    1. WINE IS COMING – Vintage is underway yippee ( and also slight sigh of relief because we made it) – after nurturing those baby bunches for the last 12 months we are finally safely whipping them off the vine and preparing them for crushing, destemming and crafting some unbelievably good wine.
    1. PARTIES – With the start of a new vintage comes the promise of the fun that we are going to have basically having lots of parties drinking some really good wine – and if we know anything in this family it’s how to throw a good party. So think festivals, cellar door pop ups, markets and more – and we can’t wait to invite you along.


    Many of you may not know the story of  how our small batch vineyard was first established – so we thought given it’s vintage–  with it’s heady promise of wines to come, it’s a good time to take a moment and look back to at how we got here in the first place. To do that we have to tell you the story of the people behind the wine – its as simple as that………  This month we thought we’d introduce you to Peter Kuc (Sim’s Dad) so that you could get to know him and his part in how we all ended up working together to make BAIE Wines the venue, winery and family run business that we are all so very proud of.


    Pete has had a highly successful career as a GP in Melbourne for much of his life, but his connection to the country and farm life saw him purchase BAIE Park in Curlewis in 1980 where he would spend many weekends with wife Anne and their 3 children restoring the estate to it’s true glory.  When time for retirement from medicine came, Peters love of science and wine came to the forefront which saw he and son Simon plant 20 acres of vines in 2000, and together they have ensured the excellence in viticulural practices that BAIE Wines is know for. Pete can usually be found amongst the vines, behind a camera lens, or hosting wedding’s with Anne to ensure that guests at BAIE Park enjoys every part of the exclusivity and beauty that they have strived to build.


    We try not to take ourselves or our wine to seriously.  We grow great grapes, on great soil and they are crafted into some amazingly drinkable wines (if we don’t say so ourselves). But one wine fact we DO get asked heaps is “What’s the difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio? “ and we TOTALLY understand why this is a point of confusion.

    SO… in order to ensure you are the most wine savvy person at the dinner table this weekend here we go …

    Endless discussions about the differences between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio occur in the world of wine as if it’s a complex calculation of NASA like proportions.  But with the grapes used in each, quite simply, there is no difference. They are exactly the same grape. Pinot Grigio is the Italian name for the grape, Pinot Gris (meaning grey pine cone like bunches) the French name. End of story. However these two terms are now used in Australia  (and this is as  confusing as the time Simon tried to teach me how to back a trailer) because there are no rules. We Aussies can grow the grape wherever they like, turn it into whatever style they like, and then call it what they like.

    As a style however there are big differences –

    Pinot gris – the Alsace style is thought to be picked later and riper, and to be more textured, complex, fuller bodied, sometimes with a hint of oak or barrel fermentation. Thus making it a perfect food much wine for heavier foods such as roast chicken, fish and seafood with creamy sauces, even pork.  We here at BAIE love our Pinot Gris – it is probably what we are best known for, and the fact that we put about a 1/3rd of the grapes in French oak barrels for a few months to give it that honeyed creamy texture certainly pays homage to our French friends.

    Pinot grigio – the northern Italian style is often picked early and made into a light, crisp, zesty, minerally style. These wines suit simpler foods such as salads, antipastio and seafood.

    No other grape suffers such a challenging identity crisis.  It would certainly be simpler if the grape had arrived with just one name, however identity crisis aside, Pinot Gris/Grigio doesn’t have to worry about its popularity rating. And we can’t wait to get our hands on our 2017 Pinot Gris and show her off to you.


    Nadine and Simon Kuc


  • Who drank all the wine?

    We are sure you have heard that yelled out a few times at your dinner table (it happens a lot in ours!), however this time it’s our turn at BAIE Wines. After unprecedented demand following the release of our 2016 wines in August of last year we have sold out of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Rose’! 10 years ago when we started out with BAIE Wines, making a handful of cases with Nadine talking to local restaurants with baby in tow… no one would have  ever dreamed that we would find ourselves in February running out of last years wine.  But here we are – and we only have you to thank  for your incredible support!

    We apologise in advance if you can’t get your hands on your BAIE Wines favourite for the next few months… but the good news is crops are looking fantastic for the 2017 vintage, we are working hard in the vineyard and excited and about the promise of great wines to come and we are looking to have them back on the shelves in July. PS The 2015 Shiraz is still in good supply – so as the weather gets cooler we’ve still got you covered for a sneaky cool climate red, and this baby won silver in the Geelong Wine Awards in October – so she is mighty fine drinking. Visit the shop here.


    The vines are healthy and happy – therefor so are we! This is pretty wonderful time of year, where the crops are looking full and so good that the birds have decided that they wouldn’t mind some Pinot Gris action! Thankfully Pete and Simon have worked hard to net the entire vineyard as the sweetness in the grapes rises to ready for the perfect ripeness to pick.  We still need some mild to warm temperatures to complete the ripening process and we will look to be picking  around early March.  Keep you posted on how we go harvesting in March – exciting times with some cracking wine to be made in the following months… we can almost taste it!



    If you are looking to be in the know about the new release BAIE wines this year AND to be some of the first to get your hands on them in a Wine Tribe only special offer – now is a great time to join our Rewards club. Our ‘Wine Tribe’ is a free members only club – no purchases of wine required – just our way of saying thanks with things like free delivery, $50 voucher on your birthday, $50 voucher to local wine or lifestyle stores on purchase of your first case of wine online.  JOIN HERE

    But for now it’s time to finish netting, sharpen our secateurs and get on with ensuring we make some of the best wines we can for you.

    Cheers Nadine and Simon

  • Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

    Is anyone  ready??? Like every year, Christmas is coming at us fast, and even though we’ve had 12 months to get ready for it, it still seems we want to cram a whole heap into those days once December hits…. like getting carpet cleaning (?), present shopping and of course planning for the big day.  Well we’ve got some hot tips for ‘easing’ yourself through the silly season.  This Christmas we are loving…


    The amazing team at are making olive, native gum or traditional fir wreaths and delivering every Friday in December – we are totally in love with them and will have one hanging on our front door this Christmas.



    The is our go to for Christmas hampers of the very best of regionally sourced artisanal food, wine and beer that are presented in stunning boxes and baskets.  Check them out for a go -to gift that will be sure to deliver a WOW from someone special on Christmas Day.



    Check out our awesome Christmas Pack – 6 bottles solving all your toasting needs -. A sneaky Christmas Eve Sauvignon Blanc while wrapping last minute presents, a Rose’ with your Seafood on Christmas Day,  Pinot Gris with your Pork and Ham and a decadent pudding and Shiraz to finish it all off – this box delivers the full BAIE Wines experience for Christmas to get yours delivered to your door jump online here for 1x 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, 2 x 2015 Pinot Gris, 1 x 2015 Rose, 2 x 2015 Shiraz for $160 – we’ve got Christmas covered.




    10 years ago we took a leap of faith, and started producing under our own BAIE Wines label. To celebrate this milestone (we can’t quite believe it) we have teamed up with long time friend and artist Antoinette Ferwerda to feature as the first limited edition Art Series Wine release for the 2016 BAIE Rose’. Check out the competition we are by jumping on our before December 12th giving you a chance to win a twin pack of the 2016 Art Series Rose’. Good luck to all and thanks for being part of our little story – 10 years of BAIE Wines.


    OCEAN GROVE SUMMER POP UP ….We’ve got a lot going on this summer and hoping you have a chance to come and say hi!!  In collaboration with our friends at Annies Provedore and Stone and Grain at the Hive we will be putting together the ultimate summer experience – SHOPPING- WINE- FOOD…. all in one place from some of the best of the Bellarine. We will be setting up a Pop Up Café and Wine Bar inside Stone and Grain’s newest concept store at 41 Smithton Grove Ocean Grove running Friday’s – Sunday 12-4pm December 16th – January 30th. Pop in for a glass of wine, a sneaky shop and lunch with your girlfriends – can’t wait to see you.

    NIGHTJAR FESTIVAL…. We are so excited to reveal that we will be proudly taking part in the every Thursday in January from 4-10pm.  Check out what the festival has to offer and come and enjoy a glass of BAIE Wines with us – we’d love to see you there.



    We wish you a Safe and Merry Christmas.  We are so very grateful for your support of BAIE Wines over the last year or many.  Don’t forget we want to say thanks for being part of what we do, so please feel free to join our free rewards programme so we can spoil you with birthday voucher, free shipping and vouchers to local lifestyle stores.  Much Merry to you and your families.

    Cheers Nadine and Simon

  • SOOO much exciting news to share with you from November.

    We are toasted!

    Well Toast to the Coast came at us with sunshine, flower crowns, tattoos, pics and crowds and crowds of happy wine tasters, and we had sooooo much fun. We loved serving up BAIE Wines to all who came to visit us, and sincerely thank everyone who attended for being so happy, supportive and a joy for us to host. (Click Here for the video of how it all unfolded)

    We even had our first proposal at BAIE Wines on the Saturday morning which involved a carefully crafted plan of Nadine leading the unsuspecting Bride- to- Be and her dapper gent to a barrel two stools and a chilled bottle of Sauvingon Blanc, hidden in a vineyard row in the guise of asking him to help move it– not a great cover story??! – but we got her there – Nadine scarpered…. and he got down on one knee…. and she said YES!! Gotta love a proposal- we are so happy he chose us for such a special moment.


    Geelong Wine Awards

    3 FROM 3!! Only a few short weeks ago we were high fiving and hugging each other (and not just because we were on a kid free night out), but because having entered 3 of our wines into the Geelong Wine Show on 21st October – we received 3 medals – yep that’s right every wine we entered was awarded. Yippee – so the Gold Medal went to the BAIE 2016 Rose’, the Bronze Medal went to the BAIE 2016 Pinot Gris and the Silver Medal went to the BAIE 2014 Shiraz. If you would like to buy a 6 or 12 pack of any of these online Click Here.

    We couldn’t be more over the moon happy and are so thankful to the organisers of the wine show and our BAIE Wines team for the recognition! Don’t forget you can also join our Wine Tribe here for free, which is a free members only rewards programme that ensures you receive free delivery, a $50 voucher on your birthday, special treatment at festivals and more!

    The little guys just did something BIG

    So you know how BAIE Wines is family owned and run – Pete and Simon tend the vines, Anne hosts the weddings and Nadine does the drinking and talking (ha ha) – well our little team just got recognized by a business only slightly bigger than ours – David Jones!! Yes that’s right scream, air punch – only of the most stylish brands in Australia….and while looking for some small batch bespoke products for their Christmas hampers – they found little old us – and see here the results – a BAIE Rose’ standing proudly in one of their beautiful Christmas gift boxes. We are just blown away. Thanks David Jones for believing in us!!



    We have got a fantastic hurrah arranged for your coming on December 3rd, is it big – YES, can you win something – YES, is there something new coming from BAIE Wines – YES – so we will keep you posted or make sure you watch our Facebook Page and Instagram page to find out how you can get your hands on something very new from BAIE Wines and also go in the draw to win our BIGGEST prize yet!!

    Here’s Cheers to a wonderful November and a Cracking run up to Christmas,
    Best Nadine and Simon

  • 10 years and counting, Toast to the Coast and more!


    So excited to celebrate that it was 10 years ago that BAIE Wines was born.  After the BAIE Wines vineyard was established grapes were initially sold to some of the bigger wineries in the area. When we moved to the Bellarine in time to have their first born, Luca (now almost 10 also), we began producing wine under their own label and ‘BAIE Wines’ was born.  During that time we have been so lucky to work with some amazing local restaurants and wine stores who helped spread the word and the wine so that people have gotten to know an love what we do.  And of course we can’t forget the wonderful people who have shared a glass (or a bottle), come to an event or even gotten married with us!! Stay tuned for our October newsletter to let you know how we have decided to celebrate and say thanks!!




    Hola!! Get your ‘Mexicana Mojo’ on at BaieWines for Toast to the Coast this year. Think sumptuous Mexican Cantina Food, Flower Crowns, Airbrush Tattoosand Open Air Photo booth. BAIE Wineswill be serving up their small batch goodness including highly acclaimedvarietals Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Rose and Shiraz.

    Baie Wines will be proudly hosting The Bellarine’s iconic ‘Annie’s Kitchen’ who will be serving up rustic home cooked Mexican fare on both Saturday and Sunday. Bookings will be taken for Sunday for 3 course lunch and complimentary glass of wine. Visit here for bookings (NOTE Bookings are NOT taken for Saturday).

    • MEXICAN SLIDERS – Beef or Chicken with red cabbage, apple slaw and chipotle mayo.  $10
    • SOFT TACOS –Smoked Beef Brisket, Ancho Chicken or Butternut Pumpkin served with black bean and charred corn salsa, manchego and fresh coriander $15
    • SWEETS – Espresso Coffee, Chilli Choc Brownies, Strawberry Marsh mellow, Lime Curd Pies with Tequila Infused Meringue, Chilli cashew and caramel popcorn brittle. $5

    The ‘Mexicana Mojo’ continues at BAIE Wineswith a jam packed programme of fun including (note all workshops, tattoos andphoto’s are FREE to attendees at BAIE Wines)

    • MEXICAN FLOWER CROWN WORKSHOPS – 11-3pm Saturday only, running every ½ hour
    • AIRBRUSH MEXCIANA TATTOOS – 11-3pm Saturday and Sunday
    • OPEN AIR PHOTO BOOTH – 11-3pm Saturday and Sunday

    Agreed Non Drinker – One complimentary tea/coffee or soft drink

    [button text=”Book Tickets” link=”″ style=”secondary” size=”large”]


    We always like to find ways to give the royal treatment to our Wine Tribe members – so if you are attending Toast to the Coast with us – please make sure to check come and say hi at our ‘Wine Tribe’ Station so we can say hi, join you up and spoil you with a little secret something.

    In addition a big thanks to all of the people who jumped online and became official Wine Tribe members last month !!! This made them eligible for our thank you offer for August which was a mixed case of BAIE Wines and a Harpers Project marble side table – the lucky winner – Lorelle, was notified on Monday and apparently it made her day!!

    So if you want to  make sure we can start spoiling you too… jump over to our wine tribe page to sign up.

  • We’ve got fathers day covered, and we reward our wine tribe AGAIN!


    July was a massive month releasing our new vintages both online and with some of our wine store partners including Barwon Heads Wine Store, Bottles and Barrels, Geelong Cellar Door and Randall’s Wine Store to name a few! The response from the people we had the pleasure of chatting to and pouring for was overwhelming and we are just thrilled so many people loved our wines as much as we do.


    Hands up whose Dad is hard to buy for?? OK, hands down… we got you. We had a long hard think about how to please every Dad out there – it is no mean feat but we think we’ve got it covered. We’ve put together a package that is going to meet just about every need for your Dad, here goes –

    WINE – definitely wine.. the BAIE 2014 Shiraz is a beautiful example of all the plum, pepper and spice you would expect from a Bellarine Shiraz.
    SPIFFY – Happy Socks, these socks replace his old brownish hole in the big toe numbers with an array of colourful patterns designed to make him smile when he slips these babies on.
    CHOCOLATE – We’ve headed to local food heaven Annie’s Providore and sourced a tub of delicious chocolate coated cashews to nail your Dad’s sweet tooth perfectly.
    BUFF – The Body Wash range from ‘HANDSOME’ mens skincare says– ‘you’re a man and you want your skin to feel nice. That’s OK’ – this says it all for us as a treat for all the Dad’s out there.
    DINED – The Annie’s providore handmade mild chorizo also sorts out the gourmet Dad who appreciates charcuterie at its best!

    Louisa Jones Photography

    All this for $95 dollars packaged in a beautiful craft box and delivered to your door. Orders can be placed on the website up until Wednesday 31st August for delivery by Friday 2nd August.


    We are over the moon, jumping for joy happy that so many people out there have decided to join our BAIE Wine Tribe. So in order to show our appreciation we have put together a prize package that is exclusive to Wine Tribe members only! We have teamed up with one of our Lifestyle Partners Stone and Grain to source a beautiful Harpers Project Marble and Oak side table (swoon!!), (which by the way is perfect for a bottle of wine and two glasses by the couch)…. AND a mixed case of new vintage BAIE Wines, valued at over $700.

    So in order to be eligible to win, all you need to do is join our Wine Tribe for free (no obligations – just all the perks we can think of) and purchase a 12 bottle case of any of our wine through our website by Sunday 4th September and the winner will be announced Monday 5th September via Facebook and emailed directly. We hope this prize and giveway speaks volumes about how much we value the support of our Tribe. X

    Louisa Jones Photography


    Pruning is all but finished in the vineyard (Peter is just finessing the Shiraz) and we are now looking forward to Spring for budburst and all the hope and excitement that comes with seeing the new growth in the vines after winter dormancy.

    We have been planning up a storm to bring a bigger and better than ever progamme to BAIE Wines for this years Toast to the Coast – and we think you are going to be very excited about what we have in store for you wining and dining pleasure – plus a whole lot of fun to boot.

    Happy Fathers Day in advance to all the Dads, and good luck to all of you who join the Tribe and purchase a case of BAIE Wines this month to go into the draw for the Marble Side Table and Case of BAIE Wines.

    Cheers to all of that good fun!

    Nadine and Simon Kuc

  • Get your celebration on – 2016 new vintage now released!


    Aaaannnnd that’s a wrap on our annual Shiraz Festival pop up two weekends ago, and we couldn’t be happier. Firstly, the sun was shining, yes… shining and warm…. who knew?!. Which meant that we welcomed heaps of very happy festival goers inside the winery shed, outside at barrels and crates by the fire on a magical winters day. The festival saw many old and new faces, so a big THANKYOU to those of you who came along and joined us.


    It’s Wine Time

    Blow up the balloons, pull the party poppers it’s time to get your celebration on as we finally announced the release of the 2106 NEW VINTAGE Wines. The demand in 2015 kind of took us by surprise and saw us sell out of all wines by about April of this year. But it is with great pleasure that we introduce you to these guys again, because they are back, and judging by the reaction we have had at the Shiraz festival and the tastings we have done with some of Wine Store partners – people are super happy with all of the new releases. So to get you re acquainted, please allow us to introduce you to…


    2016 Sauvignon BlancSB-flatlay

    A refreshingly delicate wine, bursting with zest of honeydew and citrus characteristics, underlined by an impressive minerality. Gather your friends and get your taste buds ready for this lip smacking white.

    View in shop


    2106 Pinot GrisSB-flatlay

    Try some small batch magic in this estate grown BAIE Wines best seller. This wine packs rich, creamy honey and pear flavours, with a full ripe palate and firm acid balance. A delight for the already converted and sure to attract some new devotees.

    View in shop


    2016 RoseSB-flatlay

    There’s a reason why we’ve been seduced by Rose’ in recent years, and you’ve found it all right here in this bottle. The 2016 BAIE Rose’ delivers delicate flavours of strawberries and red fruit with a delicious dry savoury finish.

    View in shop


    Have you joined the Tribe?

    Now with all of the new vintage wines on the website and ready to be delivered, this is the perfect time to join the BAIE Wine Tribe free online.

    Why – we hear you ask – it’s simple – if you become a Tribe member we want to say thanks in every way possible, so when you order a 12 bottle case of any of the new vintage wines, you not only receive free delivery anywhere in Aus, you will (drum roll please) activate first of many of the Wine Tribe rewards, which is a $50 voucher from your chosen partner store (Stone and Grain, Barwon Heads Wine Store, Bottles and Barrels). That’s it – it’s that easy – you’re welcome!

    Keep Up With What’s New

    Just so you get the sneaky heads up before anyone else – given we are celebrating the new vintage release in July, we are giving away a twin pack (VALUE $50) of one of the new vintage wines each week for 3 weeks. This week it will be a twin pack of the stunning 2016 Sauvignon Blanc. Check out the details on Facebook and Instagram this Saturday. In addition we have our first new vintage tasting for anyone in Geelong, who hasn’t had a chance to try the new wines at Bottles and Barrels this Friday 15th July 5.30pm – 7pm. And to make the night extra dapper… anyone who would like a free suit measurement can hook up with the guys from Bellington Estate who will be there too!

    What an awesome July here at BAIE Wines – Shiraz Festival and New Vintage releases hurrah – thanks for being part of the fun!


    Nadine and Simon