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What a couple of month it’s been… The launch of the new 2018 Vintage Wines has seen us pour the new BAIE Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Rosé and Shiraz at the Winter Shiraz Festival, 360Q in Queenscliff, Barwon Heads Wine Store, Bottles and Barrels, Randalls and more to come – and the feedback has been overwhelming – people were happy to see all their favourites back, with the quality and style they have come to expect.

We are so happy that BAIE is back on the shelves at all good local wine stores and can’t wait for you to try them (if you haven’t already)! And if you want a jump on getting some BAIE delivered to your door – check out our ‘I Want Them All’ box (and if you are a member of our rewards club BAIE Insider delivery is free). This box is a beautiful gift or just for yourself ensuring you have one of each of our wines available when the moment calls for it – Sunday Roast Shiraz, Seafood Saturday Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé all Day or Pinot Gris with your besties – we’ve got you covered.

‘ I Want them All’ Box RRP $95 (VAL $105) – SHOP HERE

‘Father’s Day with BAIE’ Box

He’s the guys who made you feel like the best thing since sliced bread when you grew up… or the one who melts your heart when he jumps on the trampoline with your kids, throws them up in the air, teases and tickles them, wrestles all day and listens to them  like they are the only people in the world. He deserves some spoiling on Father’s Day and we think we have got you covered for some serious Dad loving. So check out this beautifully packaged box that includes –

  • 3 x bottles of 2017 BAIE Shiraz (seriously stunning wine)
  • 1 x happy socks (because you know… Dad’s and socks)
  • 1 x The Food Purveyor Chocolate Pretzel (you have not lived til you’ve had this)
  • 1 x Insectum Bottle Opener (the most stylish and functional bottle opener he may ever own)
 ‘Fathers Day with BAIE’ Box RRP $150 – SHOP HERE

BAIE Insider

So… We just did something we are kind of proud of… Created BAIE Insider – a Rewards Club that is arguably so very different to anything the wine industry has ever done before! It is designed entirely to thank YOU. Joining is simple and FREE and the sorts of perks you can expect are: 

  • VIP event invitations
  • Earn reward dollars to spend on more of your favourite BAIE Wines Complimentary bottles
  • Access to Exclusive Wine Offers
Sounds too good to be true – well it’s not… We’ve had loads of people join up and they are already earning rewards…. We think we have found the perfect way to say thank you. Head over to our page HERE to be check out more of the BAIE Wines Insider experience and sign up.
Here’s Cheers to Good Wine, Great Dads,
and Rewards for being a BAIE Insider,Nadine and Simon