Jo Betz. Representing the epitome of the hero's journey; Jo was an instant selection when it came to choosing someone who is a source of inspiration, lives and shares the same values, and loves our Pinot Gris.

Introducing BAIE Wines Insider Stories...

The BAIE Insider program has allowed us to build a really special community of people who have become like friends and family. Together we’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve shared lots of stories over wine. So we want to tell these stories and hear more of them from people who are important to us. Because it’s you, our BAIE Wines community that we want to showcase and celebrate.

We are so pleased to release the first episode of our 2021 series, with none other than our 2021 BAIE Pinot Gris muse; Jo Betz. We fell in love with this big hearted mum, savvy businesswoman and highly sought after wedding celebrant through BAIE weddings, and she has since become a friend of the family who we deeply admire.

“From what is such a tragic, I guess story, the other side of it has really been finding out what you're kind of made of. And perhaps what my purpose is, and I never imagined that my purpose might be, you know, working with what is a really uncomfortable topic at times.”


“I love a Pinot Gris because I'm not really a sweet person, so something that is crisp and dry and has those pear flavours is absolutely perfect for me. So I'm a big fan.

Drinking a glass of Pinot Gris with your girlfriends or your family is what brings that sense of connection. Talking about your lives - the happy, the sad, the crazy - I certainly love to do that."

Rebeccah Vivian. Only stocking BAIE as her wine of choice at her cutting-edge salon Blondie, Bec more often than not orders extra Shiraz for herself. She is determined, style-savvy, kind, generous and just so much fun. We love her to bits.

Laura Harvey. Possessing an exceptional eye for details, high level of integrity and quiet kind of cool vibes; we think the world of event planner extraordinaire Laura Harvey of Weddings Desire, and we know that she loves the BAIE Sauvignon Blanc.

Amanda Kereama. To meet her is to love her and, when we found out she loved our BAIE Rosé through mutual friends we knew she was the perfect match. The founder of Cartel Flowers and Meet The Mentors mirrors our values of hard work, family, grit and empathy and is the definition of goals.

Deni Todorovic. Exuding kindness, inclusion and style; Deni was a no-brainer when it came to choosing someone we wanted to work with, thank and celebrate. Most importantly, they love our Pinot Gris!