Paul West. A generous and kind man whose family and community mean everything to him. He is passionate about Geelong and the hospitality industry, and thinks the BAIE Pinot Gris is one of those most versatile food match wines there is.

BAIE Wines Insider Stories...

At BAIE we approached 2022 with a vision to act and encourage our community to be 'The One', in the hope that making a positive difference in someone else's life - no matter how small - becomes the norm. In line with this vision, we have selected muses for each varietal who take action to help, empower, support and celebrate others who need it.

We are so pleased to release the first episode of our 2022 series, with none other than our 2022 BAIE Pinot Gris muse; Paul West. Paul is the Business Development Manager for the much-loved hospitality group including iconic Geelong venues Lambys, Edge and Black Sheep. In 2014, he became Co-Chair of The Mark West Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to carrying on the legacy of his younger brother, ensuring no child in the Geelong region misses out on playing Australian Rules Football due to financial reasons. What they've achieved in our community is nothing short of inspirational.

"I suppose we all understand the importance of sport when you're young. There are so many life learnings, and particularly the footy the club environment can be an amazing influence on a young person's life.

So before we knew it the foundation was born... and all the money generated, we've given around $150,000 away, it's all local money. Local people, local businesses - we don't get any government grants. So we work really hard to ensure that money stays in the Geelong community.


I literally think this is my favourite wine in Geelong. 

I honestly believe it's one of the most versatile wines for food we have in the region. I have sent it to winemakers' saying, "this is what you can do, this is what real textural wine is about."

Jo Betz. Representing the epitome of the hero's journey; Jo was an instant selection when it came to choosing someone who is a source of inspiration, lives and shares the same values, and loves our Pinot Gris.

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Deni Todorovic. Exuding kindness, inclusion and style; Deni was a no-brainer when it came to choosing someone we wanted to work with, thank and celebrate. Most importantly, they love our Pinot Gris!