We're in the vines with the 2016 harvest... - Baie Wines

And we’re off!!

It’s the 2016 harvest and we’re excited!

On the Bellarine we are blessed with the kind of soil and climate that makes really drinkable, fruit driven wine and at this time of year, we begin to reap the benefits of the long days and sleepless nights which go into running a vineyard.

Harvest time practically zings with anticipation. It’s the end of one journey and the beginning of another, final journey to bottle and a new vintage. The vines are heavy with fruit and changing colour, the grapes are looking so full that you feel like you could drink directly from them and everyone is champing at the bit to get going….I mean, harvest = a new vintage = more wine, right?!


I love harvest time. Harvesting is a joy. It’s repetitive, it’s hot and it’s tiring, but it’s a joy.  There’s something meditative about sitting amongst the vines picking bunch by bunch, row by row and just focusing on the task at hand. We’ve got a great team for harvest this year (they keep lapping me in the vines!) and it makes a huge difference to the energy.  There’s nothing quite like picking something that you know will be used as part of a celebration, a great meal or as a way to tell someone you love them and I think we all get that.

This year, because of our lovely very hot December we started harvest two weeks early. At Baie Wines, we harvest three grape varietals; pinot gris, sauvignon blanc and shiraz, in that order. This week we picked the pinot.  The sauvignon blanc and shiraz will wait a couple of weeks more because they’re fuller wines and need that little time more to relax away, ripening to perfection on the vine.

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But back to the grapes, because they’re the star of this show. To put it simply, we’re having a cracker of a harvest. Yields are up and it’s a bountiful, great, solid crop with just the right Baumé (sugar content). As you can see from the photos, there are some gorgeous grapes and very big grins. It’s a very happy little team at Baie Wines right now….and we think you’ll be happy little drinkers come August and the release of the 2016 vintage!