There's always a silver lining... - Baie Wines

As you may or may not have heard… We have now sold out of our BAIE Pinot Gris, Rose’ and Shiraz and we are soooo sorry to have let some of you down – because we know better than anyone, when you need your BAIE… you NEED your BAIE!

We worked our hardest in 2017 to ensure continued supply. We made the very difficult decision not to take part in Toast to the Coast and stocked only with our current valued wine stores and restaurants… we didn’t go looking for new outlets… and here we are in March sold out! In turn we can’t thank you enough for being a part of the overwhelming support for BAIE Wines – we are over the moon and will continue to strive to produce great wine for longer periods each year!

There is always a silver lining, and that is we have now completed Vintage for 2018 and the fruit from our little patch was spectacular. As the old saying goes ‘great wine is made in the vineyard’ and this year Simon and Pete’s meticulous work with the growing season we have had, means there is some pretty fine BAIE Wine headed your way in the coming months.


To celebrate the new vintage and commiserate being sold out of the BAIE Pinot Gris, Rose’ and Shiraz – we have a competition running to give away the last 3 bottles of these wines, that we have found in the winery shed….

So if you are someone who hides the BAIE because its your ‘good’ wine, or you stock up big time, or it’s your go to for special events… you just might be the BIGGEST BAIE LOVER so jump over to the post on our Facebook page here and comment why YOU deserve to win these wines to see you through until the release of the new vintage! Competition closes midnight April 11th. Good Luck BAIE Lovers.


We love Easter here at BAIE – it’s often a time to relax and recharge at the end of vintage and have fun with the family.  Wishing you all a happy safe long weekend with much overindulging of chocolate, wine and loved ones.  And given Easter falls on April Fools this year… a little idea for the kids – just don’t tell them it was us who suggested it!!

Big BAIE Cheers to holidays, wine and family – Nadine and Simon XX