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Mia McDonald

A beautiful Mum to 3 and founder of local jewellery business Ernest & Joe - she knows how to inspire her community to achieve big things.


Introducing BAIE Wines Insider Stories...

At BAIE we approached 2022 with a vision to act and encourage our community to be 'The One', in the hope that making a positive difference in someone else's life - no matter how small - becomes the norm. In line with this vision, we have selected muses for each varietal who take action to help, empower, support and celebrate others who need it.

We are so pleased to release the fourth episode of our 2022 series, with none other than our 2021 BAIE Shiraz muse; Mia McDonald. Mia is the owner of local family run business Ernest and Joe (E&J). She is self-taught and has been hand making timeless pieces of jewellery in recycled solid precious metals since 2011. A hilarious Mum to three, what's serious about Mia is what she's achieved through her E&J community - raising over $72,000 for the Australian Bushfires in 2019, and over the last six years has raised over $51,000 for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. This is a woman that knows how to inspire her community to achieve BIG things in this crazy world of ours.

“At the time we had a small platform and we just thought, we'll do whatever we can to support something that could help people in this situation. The first time we raised $5,000, and in the last six years we've now donated over $50,000 to the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal."


I'm a shiraz girl through and through and this drop does not disappoint.

The warming spice and fruity notes in the smooth BAIE Shiraz keeps me topping up my glass. A perfect sip for anywhere, anytime. Add to cart!"