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Gabe McClelland

A man of more words who has created incredible communities for people to show up, be their authentic self and connect with others. We adore this wonderful human and love that he loves our BAIE Shiraz!


Introducing BAIE Wines Insider Stories...

The BAIE Insider program has allowed us to build a really special community of people who have become like friends and family. Together we’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve shared lots of stories over wine. So we want to tell these stories and hear more of them from people who are important to us. Because it’s you, our BAIE Wines community that we want to showcase and celebrate.

We are so pleased to release the third episode of our 2021 series, with none other than our 2020 BAIE Shiraz muse; Gabe McClelland. A young man who has found himself through sharing his story, and the enormous challenges he has faced. The founder of The Finishr and Hey Mate, Gabe credits being vulnerable as the catalyst for discovering the courage needed to change people's lives - one conversation at a time.

“Community and connection has changed my life, and I acknowledge that showing up for somebody else is sometimes more important. Together, let's create environments in which everyone feels valued, heard, and supported.

Our voice is our biggest asset - start the conversation, encourage everyone to be different, to be vibrant, and to discover their untapped potential.”


“What I love about the BAIE Shiraz was not only its taste, but the conversations that come over a glass of wine as well.

I'm not a massive wine drinker, but for me this really kind of introduced a whole new level of tones and tastes."