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Renee Enright

Genuine love and gratitude for her family and work combined with her integrity and relatability are undoubtedly what makes her such an incredible human being.


Introducing BAIE Wines Insider Stories...

At BAIE we approached 2022 with a vision to act and encourage our community to be 'The One', in the hope that making a positive difference in someone else's life - no matter how small - becomes the norm. In line with this vision, we have selected muses for each varietal who take action to help, empower, support and celebrate others who need it.

We are so pleased to release the second episode of our 2022 series, with none other than our 2022 BAIE Rosé muse; Renée Enright. Renée is a fashion stylist, event host, presenter and Mum to three beautiful kids. When her dear friend Shonel Bryant sadly passed away from breast cancer in January 2022, Renée stepped into a role as an Ambassador for Support Your Girls. A community created by Shonel who was passionate about raising money to educate and empower people in health advocacy, and who shared her story to make others feel less alone in theirs.

"Beautiful Shonel Bryant started Support Your Girls, a foundation when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It's an incredible community of people wanting to raise money, make change, and really bring awareness to something so important but so simple - just checking our breasts."


It's been no secret the BAIE Rosé is my #1 local drop of choice.

As someone who prefers a dry rosé I can appreciate the crisp dry finish of the BAIE Rosé with that tiny hint of sweetness. For me personally it's the perfect balance and what I believe makes this rosé stand apart."