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Jess Robinson

A truly remarkable young woman who has had the courage to overcome challenges of being undiagnosed autistic and create a business that gives people with a disability a sense of purpose and belonging.


Introducing BAIE Wines Insider Stories...

At BAIE we approached 2022 with a vision to act and encourage our community to be 'The One', in the hope that making a positive difference in someone else's life - no matter how small - becomes the norm. In line with this vision, we have selected muses for each varietal who take action to help, empower, support and celebrate others who need it.

We are so pleased to release the third episode of our 2022 series, with none other than our 2022 BAIE Sauvignon Blanc muse; Jess Robinson. Jess is a truly remarkable young woman who with courage of her own convictions quit her full time job to pursue a baking business dream Baked By Jess in 2017. Following its success and fast forward two years, Jess began her next venture Baked By Us - a candy pink cupcake shop on Ryrie St that teaches and supports young people with a disability to gain workplace skills, and to give them a greater sense of purpose and belonging that they may not find elsewhere.

"It's been a blessing and a curse growing up undiagnosed, because being treated as a neurotypical person, I can clearly see the differences that people who are neurodivergent or live with a disability have within the regular workplace."


“I wouldn't call myself a wine connoisseur, but I do know when I like something, and the first time I tried the BAIE Sauvignon Blanc I immediately said this is beautiful... It's fruity, crisp and dry - a big yes from me!"