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Kelly Hoskin

After losing her Mum at 17, Kelly turned her love for cooking and family recipes into At Randy’s. Inspired by her Mum, Nana, and her Vizsla, Randy, she offers comforting, home-style dishes that bring a taste of home to those who need it most.


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The BAIE Insider program has allowed us to build a really special community of people who have become like friends and family. Together we’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve shared lots of stories often over a glass of wine. So we want to tell these stories and hear more of them from people who are important to us. Because it’s you, our BAIE Wines community that we want to inspire and celebrate.

We are so pleased to to bring you our first Insider Story of 2024 with none other than Kelly Hoskin.

I first heard about Kel through a mutual friend, and after diving into her Instagram @at_randys, I couldn't wait to meet her. Her philosophy of cooking cherished recipes passed down from her Mum and Nana is both beautiful and inspiring.

At Randy's you'll find food that is wholesome and imperfect — what tastes like home, whether for yourself or someone else. Kel's passion for food and dedication to doing what she loves is truly uplifting.

Get ready to discover what Kel is bringing to the local food scene here in Geelong.

What was the inspiration behind creating your new business At Randy's?

After having lost my Mum just after my 17th birthday, I had to grow up at a faster pace in comparison to my peers. At such a pivotal age in anyone's life, it is fair to say it was very difficult to navigate adolescence with the absence of Mum. Over the 10 years since her passing, I've experienced a lot and unfortunately had the unpredictability of life at the forefront. With this, it has definitely been the driving factor of ‘At Randy’s'. Whilst I have always had an interest and passion for cooking, I know that life could change in an instant so if there is an opportunity to do something fulfilling and challenging, then I should go for it.

When I think of my Mum and Nana, I think of home and feelings of content. I know that cooking their recipes and reminiscing in that way, would ease the sadness of not having them here physically. So, I wanted to hep others in similar positions to myself, those who don’t have family close by, those going through a hard time, or, those just wanting something that is what it is – wholesome.
I wanted people to have something relatable, that they could reconnect with even if ‘home’ was afar. Food that they recognised, but hadn’t had since a grandparent or relative had made for them. 
My Mum used to love a coffee and a sweet treat, and I wish I could share that with her.  I hope that with this new venture that I can provide an experience that people can hold close to them and appreciate. On behalf of my Mum, Nana and myself.
The inspiration behind the name is after my partner Toby and I’s two year old Vizsla, Randy. When brainstorming a name, I did want Mum and Nana to be tied in. It was almost called ‘Mother Hubbard’s’ as that is what my Dad and his siblings called Nana. Toby suggested it be ‘At Randy’s’ because it is a take on ‘at home’ which is exactly what I was trying to convey. Randy has made our house a home, plus his name definitely gets people talking!

Your family seem very close knit. Can you tell us more about them and how they are supporting At Randy's?

More often than not, hard times can really test a family and apply pressure in all facets. My family is of no exception, there is no denying that since Mum's accident in 2006 to her passing in 2012 that we were doing it tough. However, it's my Dad and sisters' that I look to in happy times and in hardship.

I am lucky enough to have 3 older sisters that have all taught me different lessons and helped to raise me to be who I am today. Our Dad is our hero and always will be. Although outnumbered, he never shies away at attempting to answer all the ‘Mum’ questions we may have thrown his way over the years. Never has he once questioned this venture, he's just excited to hear about the next update and ensure that I am happy above all else.

My 2 eldest sisters have both brought kids into the world which has made family time all the more special. Renee has Myles (turning 6) and Hazel who is just two months old. Courtney (second eldest) has Annie (almost 3) and Lucy who was born 11 days after Hazel. Mum never met her grandkids which is heartbreaking, but watching Myles and Annie grow they are already demonstrating so many qualities that Mum possessed. Annie is actually named after Mum who was Ann.

I am also fortunate to have hit the in-law jackpot. Toby's family have been in my life for 4 years now and they are second to none.

What does a day in your life look like?

I try to rotate what I make so that I can expose all of the recipes to people. There is planning involved as to what ingredients I need, how much time I will need, packaging, social media and admin. It may seem like all fun and games, but it certainly is some organised chaos behind the scenes. 
Typically, I will take Randy for a walk in the morning. Then, I will be prepping and cooking whilst using my platform to share what I have made and potentially a story behind it.

Describe your beliefs about food and wine?

Good food should be available to everyone, without being ‘fancy’ or difficult. I look back at what Mum and Nana would make for my family and there is a common theme of being on a budget and using common staple ingredients. You can achieve a nutritious and tasty meal with simple ingredients that can be used in several ways. Often I think less is more when cooking, especially when you’re after something hearty. You can recreate so much with different techniques and it not need be expensive or outlandish.

A glass of wine can really elevate a meal, or better yet - it can complete it. I think wine is the perfect pairing for any meal as oppose to a spirit or cocktail. It can be taken slow, so that you can enjoy the food and the wine at a similar pace helping to savour and take it all in. 

I also think it’s the best shared with people you love. To have a good chat, laugh, cry or simply enjoy and relax.

What's your favourite dish on the At Randy's menu?

Tough one, but I think it is Hummingbird Cake. This cake is something that few people know, and on paper doesn’t seem that appealing. It is essentially a dense banana cake, but I have opted for a honey and white chocolate ganache to ice it with which I think has really taken it up a level.

I found a similar recipe in Mum’s cook book, so it’s special to have my own take on it whilst still harbouring the foundations of it.

I love introducing it to people as well, it’s quite profound having someone experience something for the first time and it be because of you.

What does your dream night out look like?

Good food, good wine! With Toby, family or friends - there is nothing that I love more than a delicious hearty bowl of food and a wine to match. And it doesn’t even need to be out, I would be happy sitting around a fire with good company. Simple and comforting, no more no less.

Are you collaborating with any locals for the opening of At Randy's?

I was lucky enough to be gifted a pottery term at Elizabeth Bell Ceramics and loved it! I had Rylie as my teacher and fell in love with her products from Pour and Plate. As soon as I got the go ahead for the shop, I knew she was who I wanted to create my cups. I sent through a design and chose a rust colour for her to run with. She made the most amazing cosy cups for me, I cannot wait to share them with everyone!

Additionally, I have connected with someone who was local to Geelong for the coffee supply. Zac Smith is an ex-Geelong Footballer and has created ‘Tallboy’ Coffee - which if you are familiar with Zac you will know this name is very fitting. I reached out to him and we had a great chat about the purpose of ‘At Randy’s' and similarly, Zac's inspiration to do something he has always been interested in.

So between the amazing cups from Rylie and the delicious coffee from Zac - let us fill your cup!

What can we expect from At Randy's when it opens?

Sweet and savoury recipes accompanied by a good coffee from my little shop – all made by me with love. 

I really hope that I can demonstrate what the purpose of this venture is through my homemade produce and my tenacity to make quality coffee. Id love for people to tell others of the story behind it and to ultimately help people who may be struggling to feel closer to home - whatever that look like. 

I want the first year to be about learning and growing. To build solid relationships with a community I hope to create in my space. Where people can gather and enjoy a treat, bring their dog, show their grandparents what’s in the cabinet, buy something for someone else that needs it.