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Kristi Davidson

A truly rare and courageous human who after spending time in India where she witnessed human trafficking & modern slavery firsthand, made the brave decision to leave everything she knew and loved, and help make change.


Introducing BAIE Wines Insider Stories...

The BAIE Insider program has allowed us to build a really special community of people who have become like friends and family. Together we’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve shared lots of stories often over a glass of wine. So we want to tell these stories and hear more of them from people who are important to us. Because it’s you, our BAIE Wines community that we want to inspire and celebrate.

We are so pleased to to bring you our 2023 three part series with none other than Kristi Davison, the founder of Offspring - a Geelong-based not-for-profit fighting against human trafficking and modern slavery. She is a truly rare and courageous human, who after spending time in India and witnessing women and children being bought, sold, traded and stripped of their most basic human rights, she returned home to Australia and made the brave decision to leave everything she knew and loved, and returned to India determined to bring about change in the lives of these survivors.

Kristi’s is a journey like no other, and we are proud to share her story and her work with Offspring with our BAIE Community so that we can understand, support and be inspired by how one woman was called to make a difference in the lives of others who needed her.

“I think the big clincher in which probably birthed Offspring in my heart was when I went and visited an organisation in India who rescues girls from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. And I remember sitting around this table and them talking about how they go in and do the rescues undercover, and it was like my jaw had dropped to the table. Because it’s like, how does this happen in the world? How do people buy and sell another human being?”


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three